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Selecting The Ultimate Tactical Backpack

When you get prepared for a trip, you need to pick a suitable tactical backpack that is durable, sturdy and lightweight. You must carry it in the proper way, so it doesn’t cause any injury to the shoulder. Here are some tips to choose the decent piece.

I do love going on different trips whenever I get some off time. Although this is easy to think, hard to accomplish as you need to take a lot of preparation. One of the most important things is packing all your necessary stuff including clothes, laptop, camera, tents and other required items.

I am a bit fussy when it comes to tactical backpack, and the one that I am using currently is one of the best as I did a lot of research before purchasing this. I will discuss how you can pick a suitable tactical backpack for your trip.

Whether you are in need of a smaller backpack for 2 or 3 days, or you need a larger style, these are some things that you should be keeping in mind to look for.


While you are getting ready to invest in a tactical backpack, the options are virtually endless. There are a number of startups that are getting in on the action, so it is important that you keep the basics in mind, including versatility, durability, and quality. Your selected top rated tactical backpack should be manufactured by a popular brand such as 5.11, Explorer, Condor, Maxpedition etc.

Regardless of your budget, never waste your money and time on bells and whistles that may be useless and keep from the overall purchase of your investment. You need to keep your training in mind, know what works, and find a brand that you can trust in and out.

Comfort is a crucial factor, and the entire build of the backpack should contribute to comfort. This is especially true on the backside, with the padding, plating and any shoulder and hip straps. Whenever possible, try it before you buy it. If it is not available to work, you can read up on reviews to learn as many details as possible.

Easy Reaching – The gear that is used most should be in the pouches and pocket, or attached to Molle stripes. The inner compartments should also be easily accessible and never wrapped under buckles and zippers.

Neat And Organized – The best distribution can be achieved with the more pockets and compartments you have. However, you then run the risk of forgetting what is where, and good organization should always be practiced until it is second nature.

Quality Expansion – MOLLE compatible webbing, along with additional straps along the bottom and in other areas, can help you to make sure that backpack will be able to accommodate pockets, containers, and pouches.

Durable – Finally, you need to have a sturdy build consisting of high-grade materials. There can be times when threading comes loose, so your thread material and the sewing technique should be observed. If available, look for a double stitch. Usually, a heavy duty backpack will be made up of super strong nylon, including YKK grade zipper technology and straps made of ballistic nylon.

For extra features, look for hydro compartments, volume adjusting straps and water protection.